How you can support Soleil Weather

I installed Soleil Weather at Laurel Canyon over 6 years ago (then Seasons Weather) and decided to publish it on the web. At the time it was simply a challenge and a fun thing to do. I had no idea that would evolve into a weather information source which has been accessed from every continent in the world except Antarctic. The feedback I received from friends and neighbors was astounding. This feedback encouraged me to continue to update and maintain the site. In December 2011 there was a major failure in the Davis VP instruments. At that time I decided to take the station down, but after input from many Soleil Weather users in the Cherokee County area I decided to ask for donations to maintain the site. The response was encouraging. The contributions received enabled the hardware to be repaired and I have been able to make many significant enhancements.

IF you are a regular user of Soleil Weather, I encourage you to make a small donation annually to become a supporter/subscriber and help keep the site available. Donations may be made by clicking on the button below. Payment is processed through PayPal and may be made by credit card or PayPal account. No PayPal account is needed to make a donation and there are no fees charged to donate. This is a non-recurring charge. The only information I receive is your name and email address. Of course donations may be made in person as well.

Benefits of being a Supporter

1. You help continue to make Soleil Weather available

2. You receive a simi-regular email update about the station and its features

3. You may request to receive email weather forecasts daily

4. You may request to receive email weather advisory warnings & frost warnings as they occur

5. Other features as they are implemented

Thank you,